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Rick first introduced me to quinoa.  Before Rick, I had no idea what it even was.  When we would get together for our weekend visits, he would often pack up his veggies, juicer and supplies that would enable him to eat a clean diet...even while stuck away in the country with his butter girl!  My teenage son watched from afar with curiosity and suspicion...and I admittedly, I did as well. I remember when he put on his first batch of quinoa.  I told him after it had simmered for a while that it looked like little sperm!  What the heck...this grain appeared to have little tails!  I never tried Rick's quinoa until we were fully engaged in his battle with cancer.  And I liked it...actually I liked it a lot! The moment Rick received his diagnosis, I packed up my car and headed to be with him in Cleveland.  Our intention had been that even after our wedding, we would continue our long distance routine (getting together on the weekends) until my son graduated in June from high schoo


" With bread...all sorrows are less."                         - Miguel de Cervantes I drove two hours yesterday to attend a Wellness Event down around Cincinnati, Ohio.    I thought if I am going to plunge into this world of nutrition therapy, that it would be a good idea to get out and mingle with like minded people.  Unfortunately, I felt the event was a bust.  Just a few vendors set up in a room, passing out samples of their gluten-free products!  Where did this raging gluten-free phase come from?  It is huge right now.  The new buzz word, so it seems.  Please don't get me wrong....and hear me out as I express my opinion here...cuz we certainly know what they all say about opinions!  I do know of a few that have suffered with a gluten challenge and now have found great relief by making adjustments to their diets.  But seriously, how can we all be so effected by gluten?  Bread is the new bad guy...come on, my grandmother would be broken hearted; she was a a ski


This week I made a big step forward for myself.  I made the commitment to begin classes to become a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner.  A new door has opened and it is time for me to walk on through!  When I completed the application, I just knew in my heart that Rick would approve of my quest for further learning and knowledge....knowledge that hopefully combined with my passion for food, will be a splendid tool for helping others.  The timing of this new beginning is sublime, as my youngest will soon be departing for college....I am dreading his departure and am trying my hardest to hide my emotions from him.  Another good-bye.  I have been a mother for the last 27 years of my life.  I was born to be a was what I always wanted to be when I grew up!  Not a teacher, not a nurse or a doctor...something far more important, a mother.  (Well actually a wife and a mother, but that just hasn't always seemed to work out for me!)  Yes, I will always be a mother to my boys, but