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What Spreads Faster Than Office Gossip? The Office Cold!!

Written for The River Current Publication           What spreads faster than office gossip? The office cold . A couple of months ago, I situated myself back in the working world.   I now find myself in an unfamiliar environment. Unchartered territory. Something I have never experienced before…cubicle life!   Admittedly, it is has been a huge adjustment for me.   I’m a pretty social gal; so needless to say, sitting in a cubicle by myself for the better part of the day has been a challenge! And here’s another new challenge.   The office cold!   Seemingly unavoidable.   There’s no way around it, cold and flu season is in full throttle.    With the equation of people, plus close quarters, it will be a true test to see if I can beat the odds and stay healthy during this time of year.   So far I have dodged the bullet.   I would like to think that I have naturally boosted my immunity, simply with the combination of healthy eating and the natural supplements that I

Sausage Skillet Ragout

Written for The River Current publication     Comfort Food For These Brutally Cold Days   I don’t know about you, but I have grown weary of the lingering, frigid winter that has seemingly chosen to over extend it's stay this year.   Typically, I am ‘that’ person who defends our Ohio winters by saying, “Oh come on, winter is one of the lovely reasons we live in Ohio!”   We live in Ohio because of the seasons and winter just happens to be one of those seasons….right?   This year I fear I have joined the naysayers.   I fuss and moan and constantly check the temperatures to see if we have finally climbed above the single digits.    I grumble and moan as I head out into the frigid temperatures and face the biting winds and subzero temperatures; that for now, seem to be never-ending.   Brrrr….enough already!   What’s a person to do at a time like this?   What else; but head to the kitchen and fire up the stove and put together comfort foods…foods tha


I called to chat with my sweet sister last weekend in her corner of the world; Pasadena, CA.  During our conversation, she commented she had logged onto my blog to catch up on what I had been sharing and noticed I had not blogged for a while.  Which was true.  Sad, but true.   I love blogging.  Sometimes I think I was put on this earth to   I have seen some changes in my life in the last couple of months that have absorbed every little piece of time and energy that I seem to have. (That's sad too, because I feel like I am a pretty energetic sort of gal!)  One big change...I returned to work.  It was time.  Inquiring folks have asked me for months and months (since Rick's passing) "So what are you doing now?"  I couldn't say, "Oh, I'm blogging".  Not everyone knows what blogging is and if you do know what blogging is, you know that you don't actually make money blogging! (I still hold onto the hope for that one great blo