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Larry's Garden

Written for the River Current Publication   Last fall a friend of mine asked if I would perhaps consider having dinner with a recent widower…Larry.  Larry was actually someone that I knew from my high school years…and ironically, we had even shared a date or two in college.  I had no hesitation.  If I could in some way share some hope or encouragement with him, I would be honored.  Our dinner turned into comfortable/easy conversation that lasted well over 3 hours.  Not wanting the evening to end, we decided to even share a movie together before we said our goodbyes.  We have been sharing dinners and time together ever since.    Together we have a keen understanding of each other’s loss, yet both hang on to the hope of happier days ahead.   I have tried to support and encourage Larry as he has adjusted to living alone and confronting the tasks of taking care of things at his home.  When he discussed the idea of planting a garden this spring, I was all in!  How fun it woul

Dinner In A Box

Written for the River Current publication     Last night I stopped at a local produce stand to pick up fresh strawberries for our dinner.    I knew how much the strawberries would cost, (because I had purchased some of the delicious gems just the week before) so grabbed the exact change out of my wallet and hurried up to the stand.   What I didn’t know, was how easily I would be tempted by all of the other fresh produce that was waiting there for me under the tent. Before I knew it, (and with the help of two convincing salesmen) I had more than I could carry…and of course was heading back to the car for more money.   This is the season my friends when we can (and should) delight in eating fresh, local produce.     What’s the big deal in buying local, you might ask?   Well to name a few…eating local foods is better for you, boosts local economy, is better for the environment, and (most importantly) is crazy delicious! Local food is fresher and tastes so much bette

Enjoying "Real Strawberries" Fresh From The Vine

Written for the River Current Publication       Last week while chatting with the girls at work, I mentioned with excitement that I was going to make a strawberry pie with the “real’ strawberries I had purchased at a local farm stand.   With a chuckle someone commented, “Real strawberries compared to not-real strawberries”? Now let’s be honest with each other, you can’t tell me that you don’t notice the difference between the huge, pale red, half-ripened strawberries that you see in clear plastic containers all winter long at local groceries and the vibrant red, fragrant gems that have grown under God’s sunshine in a local field or garden?   Now those my friends are what I call “real strawberries”!   I don’t even like to think of how those other imposters are grown! Not only are they delicious, strawberries pack a nutritional punch.   As if you are looking for a reason to eat strawberries, here are 9 other reasons to enjoy these vine-ripened wonders:    1. T