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I loved my little cafe, The Green Bean Coffee and Tea Cafe .  It was a true expression of who I am.  I have many fond memories of time spent there...laughter and hard work with my staff....hard work and love offered from my Rick as he faithfully cheered me on in my coffee shop endeavor.  We had all worked so hard before the opening of  The Bean.  Rick, myself and my Zach were there many nights until the wee hours of the morning.  Many loving friends also stopped in to grab a paint brush or broom and assist in the preparation.  It was a busy and exciting time.   I remember one night when I was very fatigued, I looked at Rick as he was walking in front of me through the cafe.  I burst into laughter (because I was delirious and tired) making fun of his (and my) baggy pants...the next thing I knew I began crying.  Now that is hormones and fatigue working for you!  Rick patiently looked at me and softly said, "You need to go to bed".  I am sure it is sometimes difficult for men


I have been inspired to create this blog, as a sort of 'branch' to my original blog... Marital Status: W .  I don't want others to think that my life is all about grief and sadness...I am forging forward with this new passion my Rick lovingly shared with and wellness.  I am exploring options and opportunities that will enable me to share my previous love affair with food in a more nutritious and appealing fashion.  I am still an avid foodie, I am just a foodie in transition. I was a little surprised when my post entitled, Butter Girl Goes Organic had more views than many of my other posts.  When I shared this with my vibrant hairdresser; she replied, "Well yeah, people probably think it is something kinky!"  Really??  Call me naive, but that never crossed my mind and honestly, I don't like to think of what that could even possibly mean!  Oh well, I like to pretend it is because others have an interest like mine...creating lifestyle changes a