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Easy Roasted Chicken

Written for the River Current Publication My friend proud of his chickens. I learned a new word recently and to be honest, I’m surprised I have never heard this word before.   Orthorexia.   Orthorexia describes someone who obsesses and fixates upon eating healthy, pure food.   Now this may surprise you…but I am not that person.   My goal is to be informed.   Never to be pushy or preachy or judging of others….when it comes to food anyway…lol.   I love hanging out with what I call, like-minded people.   People who think like me and respect learning about health and nutrition.   It is often when I am with these sort of folks, that on occasion I find myself feeling embarrassed as they chastise a waiter because the restaurant is not serving organic butter or because they don’t know where the foods they are serving have come from…or most importantly, if they are not organic. I was at a party once when a young (orthorexic) lady literally ran out of the room when a beau