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Pumpkin Power

Originally published on 10/3/12 I promised my River Current readers this week that I would share some info regarding the amazing health benefits of pumpkin, so I am re-posting this blog post from last year.  As I was thinking about all things pumpkin this morning, I was reminded of a queer little nursery rhyme from my childhood... Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater.  Had a wife and couldn't keep her.  Put her in a pumpkin shell and there he kept her very well.   What in the hell was that supposed to mean anyway? Maybe folks with marital problems should put their spouse in a pumpkin shell?  Good thing we don't read these old-time nursery rhymes to our children nowadays....if we did, they would be traumatized.  Allow me to first share that I love all things pumpkin....everything from pies, cookies, pastas, ice cream...and yes, even pumpkin beer!  I love them all!  I anxiously anticipate this time of year and all of the cozy comforts that it brings along with it.  After a long

Finally...A Scone Recipe For You! It's Pumpkin Scone Season!

Written for the River Current Publication   It has been a busy few days since my sister’s arrival from California.   We have immersed ourselves in enjoying quality time together; sharing impressive bouts of laughter, hearty conversations…and as often befitting to my family, abundant food.   For my family, great food is the glue that pulls us all together.     During this busy time, I have found myself spending very little time at home.   And when I am at home, guess where you will find me?   In the kitchen, of course!   Often preparing something to share at our next gathering.     Last weekend I had the awesome assignment of making my nieces 21 st birthday cake.   When I asked her for any special requests, she said that she wanted “a white cake like grandma always used to make”.   Oh my, what a daunting assignment.   Could I possibly replicate a cake that would live up to my mother’s standards?   Admittedly, I ended up having a great time with the challen

Monday's Muffins

  I love muffins and have always wanted to throw out a post on Mondays entitled... Monday's Muffins . (Why?  Just because it sounds cute, I guess!  Wednesday's Muffins or Thursday's Muffins just doesn't have the same ring, does it?)    And here it is!  The stars have aligned properly, I have the ingredients and I am ready to make some muffin merriment begin.   This morning's recipe inspiration is for my fav (and only) sister; who will be arriving for a visit from California in just two more days.  Yay...countdown to sister time!  My calendar is cleared and ready for lots of laughter and even more... glorious chatter!   My sister and I are big fans of 'hearty muffins'.  There was a local restaurant years ago that used to serve a delish warm hearty muffin along with a generous fresh fruit platter. Over the years, we/I have often tried to replicate the muffin recipe.  She occasionally will send me a recipe that she finds in a local newspaper o

The Simple Pleasure of a Concord Grape Pie

28-Day Shape-Up Plan Detox Written for the River Current Publication Do Diet Fitness Health A to Z Healthy Recipes Sex & Relationships The Happiness Plan Time to shout Wellness As fall slowly comes creeping around the corner to greet us, we are blessed with the arrival of all of those luscious fall fruits that we love.  Last week it was my father's peaches, this week it is my friend Nyla's Concord grapes.    Nyla had mentioned a couple of times to me that they had an abundance of grapes and that I should come and pick.  Just like with the peaches, I seemed to avoid the invite.  You see, the picking isn't the hard part.  It is the time involved with doing something with these fruits once they are picked.    Regardless, last week I loaded up with a bucket and headed over to her farm.  The grapes were in abundance and within a short period of time I had more than plenty of the purple juicy orbs in tow.  The setting was inspiring and I soon found

A Lesson In Picking Peaches

Written for the River Current Publication, September 5, 2013 Sunday I went down to OSU and brought my niece Abbey home with me.   She had called saying that she "wanted to spend a part of her Labor Day weekend with her Aunt Con in the country’".   I suppose you could say that this area is very much “country” to a young girl who grew up in the greater Los Angeles area!      She enjoys coming to my home as a sort of respite from the chaos of her sorority house and most often tucks a large bag of laundry into my trunk before we leave Columbus.    Regardless of the reason, I always enjoy her company and am thrilled when she asks to come and spend some time with me.   Since she had been home in California for the summer, she wanted to first stop and visit with my parents (her grandparents) on our way home.   I always find this to be such a sweet gesture.   Some teens would not so graciously include this additional stop as a part of their agenda.   Ever