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Bring A Pretty Salad Please

Written for The River Current publication       Bring A Pretty Salad Please        Do you have a special dish that you are requested and/or expected to bring to carry in dinners with family or friends?   As for my family, it seems certain family members have signature dishes that they are typically ‘assigned’ to bring to our gatherings.         Funny, it seems for the last year or so, my ‘assignment’ has been to bring what my brother calls a “pretty salad”.   I’m talking a tossed salad.   How in the heck did that happen?   My assumption is that because I have taken a more serious approach to health and nutrition, some assume I now only eat vegetables?      I do eat vegetables, but I also enjoy many other things.   I lean towards clean, fresh and organic.   Eating healthy doesn’t have to be limiting or restrictive.   My studies with the Nutrition Therapy Association high-lighted a nutrient dense whole food diet…which I am sure you have heard me talk about before.   I


Written for The River Current publication Time for a Large Pot of ‘Get Better Soup’ My mother always said it wasn’t nice to brag or boast.   My mother was right.   Last week I wrote about the dilemma of the dreaded Office Cold.   I boastfully shared that I “had dodged the bullet”.   A couple of days before my boastful column even made the paper; with panic, I began to feel those all too familiar symptoms that signal the dreaded cold virus was moving in…my sinuses began to ache, my nose began to run and my throat was feeling a little scratchy.   Wouldn't you know,  I had been braggadocios and now was about to pay the price. It was time to pump up the immunity boosters I had just written about…Vitamin C, D, E, selenium, quercetin, CoQ10 and even a probiotic beverage (kombucha) that I was pleased to find at Kroger’s.   It was time my friends for a full blown Germ Warfare!   I headed to the kitchen and scrimmaged through the cupboards and found the ingredi