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Mom's Cranberry Mousse Pie

  Written for the River Current publication; December 19, 2013      Not my best pic.  I was cooking for a house full  of teenagers and didn't have much time to fuss! It was delish just the same!     In most of my writings I often include a little blurb or story about the happenings in my life.   Today I would be remiss if I did not share the recent passing of my dear sweet Mother.   On my drive to Marysville earlier this week, the thought came to me that it would be a beautiful thing if I wrote down some thoughts about my Mother to share at her funeral.   I began composing in my head and the words came easily as I was making the drive to Marysville.    When I got home later that evening; in the quiet hours of the night, the words flowed effortlessly onto my laptop.   Funny, it is easiest for me when writing from my heart…the words seem to flow quickly and easily through my fingers.   I had my youngest print them out for me the following morning

Putting Holiday Weight Gain in Perspective

  Cranberry Vinaigrette   Written for the River Current publication; December 12, 2013 Avoid holiday weight gain, and still enjoy the feast?   Gorging on your favorite holiday foods can widen your waistline, but they don't have to spell dietary disaster. In fact, some of your guiltiest pleasures may be good for you.   At this time of year, you can hardly escape hearing that Americans gain about 5 pounds during the holidays.     True, some people probably pack on that much, or more, with holiday foods. For the rest of us, the weight increase is actually a lot less, however.   That's the conclusion from a New England Journal of Medicine study, which found most people gained about a pound between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.   But that's no reason to eat with wild abandon during the holidays.   Putting on a pound or so every year makes a big difference when you never get around to losing those extra pounds.   In a decade's time, the effect