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Chocolate Yummy Cake

  Prior to Valentine's Day I had the opportunity to have some of the local gals in for some wine, chocolate and...girl talk.  Every girls dream come true...short of a bubble bath, what more could a girl possibly need?  I wanted to share this recipe for the chocolate cake that I prepared for my guests that night.  Yes, Valentine's Day has come and gone, but chocolate my friends is always in season!  Now that I am always trying out new recipes, I am thrilled to learn when I will have someone coming over....I need willing tummies to try out all of these new recipes with me!   Each week I share recipes in the local newspaper and always try to sample the recipe at least once before sharing it in my column.    This recipe was inspired by my column the week prior, which was about the health benefits of Greek yogurt.  I always have an ample supply in my fridge.  It is so easy to throw some Greek yogurt in a bowl with some fresh fruit; sometimes with a sprinkle of flax seed

Bread Recipe to Warm Your Winter Night

      Our Ohio temperatures have again painfully dropped.  Monday I think it was in the glorious upper 40 degree range and since that time the wind chills have dropped down into the single digits!  Ugghhh.     As a matter of fact, there is a weather advisory for another winter blast coming through this evening.  I had to throw this yummy no-knead bread recipe your direction...just in case you get stuck inside and need something to warm your soul while the wind and ice blows through tonight.   I don't know if you are like me, but I often find myself purchasing a quart of buttermilk that I need for a recipe that I am making....and then wonder what in the heck to do with the rest!  Well, this week I have experimented with one of those quarts of buttermilk and this bread recipe is a winner.  It somewhat reminds me of the beer bread recipe that we have all tried and loved.  And better yet, it mixes quickly and is in the oven...soon to be filling your home with the aromas of

LOADED Banana Bread

( Written for The River Current publication, Thursday, February 7, 2013) I have been a big fan of Greek yogurt for quite some time now.   Initially, (and still) it is all about the protein.   I have not always taken the time to be a good eater, so my thought is...anytime I can sneak a little protein into my diet, certainly should be a good thing! Often I will include Greek yogurt in my smoothie recipes and now substitute it for sour cream in most recipes.   According to research, in the past five years Greek yogurt sales nationwide have skyrocketed….probably because of all of the health benefits that it has to offer.   Here’s a snapshot of what this creamy Mediterranean friend has to offer: Protein . Greek yogurt is high in protein, which helps promote fullness. A typical 6-ounce serving contains 15 to 20 grams, the amount in 2 to 3 ounces of lean meat.   An identical serving of regular yogurt, on the other hand, provides just 9 grams, meaning you may feel hungry sooner.