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(Column written for publication in The River Current)

When I first started 'blogging away' earlier this year, I was amazed at the number of people who were reading my words.  My hope for my original blog Marital Status: W, was that I could help others who were also dealing with loss and grief in their own lives.  As they say...misery loves company!  Sadly, we never want to feel we are the only one 'in the boat'.  

Well, apparently there were many other 'boater's out there, because in a little over 3 month’s time, nearly 4000 people had viewed and read my story.  I now have a dilemma.  My hope has been that I would eventually be able to redirect my audience to my second blog...Butter Girl Goes Organic, but I am finding this to be more difficult than planned.  Can it be true that so few are interested in learning and growing through good nutrition?  Rest assured I shall not surrender.  I am a woman on a mission and you know how persistent women can be when they set their minds on something!  Persistence will win this game.  

If you want to look at it from a different perspective, my Rick would be so proud of my new passion for learning and sharing with others the benefits of good nutrition.  I often would roll my eyes at him and you are allowed to do the same with me.  And most importantly, please keep an open mind.   Years and years of industrialization of our foods does not make it the right thing.  As a society, we are now just beginning to see the ill effects of all of the toxic chemicals and genetically modified products that we have been putting into our bodies.  

Good nutrition isn't really a new thing.  It is about re-visiting perhaps the ways our ancestors fed and nourished themselves.  It is about going back to our roots...literally.  Yes, it is more expensive to eat healthy.  You will find organic products to be more expensive than those that are mass produced. The additional efforts involved in bringing whole, natural products to the consumer would be more costly, especially in a non-industrialized environment.  

Work on transitioning your pantry slowly.  Start replacing your refined, bleached flours with natural and organic grains.  You will see that more and more products are appearing on your grocery shelves.  I am proud of our local Kroger store, as I see them slowly expanding their organic and healthy food sections!  I'm the crazy shopper who hunts someone down and says, "When will you be getting spelt or millet flour?”  Yes they look at me funny but hey, I need these things to try out new recipes and hopefully, so do others.  As I write this, I have a loaf of No Knead Pumpkin Bread rising on my kitchen counter in which I used the millet flour…. watch for that recipe on my blog!      

In a short period of time I have learned so very much about the amazing machines are bodies really are and it is so very true...we are what we eat!  Do you really want to be a Big Mac or a Whopper?  Food is a sustaining force for our bodies.  The foods that you choose to pass over your lips will affect every part of your body, all the way down to those microscopic cells that I am reluctantly struggling to learn about.  

The moment you swallow, food begins a journey through your body and if it is something nutritious, every part of your body will benefit.  If not, then your body will struggle to process your bad choices and over time, have accumulative bad effects upon your health.  

Think about it this way, if you put bad gas into your car, how does it react?  It sputters and grunts and struggles to perform at its optimum.  Obviously, if you take good care of your car, it will give you years of good service.  Put good fuel in your body, and it will do the very same for you!


  1. Love this post. And I'm right there with you... I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had to completely change my diet. I saw it as a chance to start over. I could not believe how amazing I felt when I ate healthy. The energy and healing my body was doing due to my diet was my fuel to keep going. I was diet controlled and never needed insulin, but through my journey I learned sooo much about food. It's scary! And what's even scarier is how relaxed people are about what they put into their bodies. Sometimes I wonder if I should become a nutritionist :) I have lost so much weight, even while I was pregnant.

    And it's true, you are what you eat! And I'm also a firm believer in, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." To eat healthy and organic takes a lot of planning.

    And I always read your articles in the paper :)

  2. ps. Don't you wish for a Whole Foods near us? haha... it's a dream of mine.

  3. Yes, there is so much to learn and it is scary, isn't it? Since there isn't a whole foods near us, lets start a carpool...we can shop, have lunch and I can hug on your babies at the same time! Win, win for all! (Have you tried Earthfare Market? There is a new one by Polaris and there is one over around Dayton too.)


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