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(Written for the River Current publication 12.12.12)


Today I shall enjoy the time honored tradition of what I call…putting on the green; bringing out all of the Christmas decorations I have collected over the years.  

I am surprised at the number of holiday storage tubs that came out of my basement.  They are now haphazardly stacked here and there  and are impatiently awaiting my attention.   

It is always a sentimental journey down memory lane when I pull out these holiday decorations; each representing warm and wonderful memories with my boys over the years.

Last week I had a fun and bubbly conversation with my accountant, Carl Yoder and his assistant Fran.  They have patiently watched me work through the process of healing, since losing Rick earlier this year.  

The other day I shared with them how I felt the need to ‘participate’ in the approaching holiday for my kids.  Since the events of earlier this year, I honestly have not been inspired to pull out any of the other seasonal decorations that are strategically stacked in my basement….each with a tag labeling the holiday which the contents within represent.    

My house has sat quietly awaiting the return of my festive adornments.   As Carl so kindly shared with me, “You need to do this…not just for your kids, but for yourself”.  It is true.  

I shall take this sage advice and tuck it in my back pocket; embracing the holiday spirit and all the joy that it brings.  (I shall have to remember to drop them off a holiday treat, as a big thank you for their never ending patience with me during these last recent months!)   

As the holiday quickly approaches, I am reminded of another holiday tradition that is shared amongst my family.  The annual baking of Christmas cookies!  Every year my niece and I come together with bags of flours, sugars, nuts and sprinkles.  We make a day of baking family favorites, all of which eventually become platters brimming with holiday cheer (and calories) that we proudly share with others.  

This year brings along with it a new cooking challenge.  Both of my parents are now struggle with sugar imbalance; my mother insulin dependent and my father hypoglycemic.  It has been extremely difficult to find recipes that I can share with them that are not loaded with sugar.  

I continue to test recipes, to which my mother most often will  turn up her nose.  I have a request for you.  I am hoping that you have a cookie recipe that you will share with me; one that is not loaded with sugars, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.  

Impossible you might say.  I hope not.  Perhaps in your cooking experience, you have a healthy, low sugar, (and most importantly) yummy recipe to share. (And remember, butter is an acceptable ingredient!)  If you can kindly email your recipes to me, I shall include them in my recipe file.  Perhaps someday they will be included in the cookbook that I aspire to write.   

You can email your recipes to: buttergirlgoesorganic@    
My parents will warmly thank you for your help!  



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