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Supps To Fuel Your Busy Day

A good place to start...
This is what I will call my supplement sandwich...the sups I take every day; the crack to my action packed days.  lol

Equi-Fem, a great multi-vitamin for women...and for my guys out there, Pro-Multi Plus would be a good choice for you.  Read the ingredient list...nothing but pure goodness.

If you want to be prepared to fight off those nasty cold and flu germs that are floating all around us this time of year, this little goodie is a must-have.  Since taking Bio-Immunozyme Forte, I have been able to successfully dodge all of those nasty colds I so often used to be plagued with.  I remember a friend saying, "Your sick again?!"  Well, not anymore.  This Multi supports normal, healthy immune function so you can fight off those bad germs like a champ!
If I do start to feel like a cold is trying to set up camp in my body, I take an extra Bio-Immunozyme Forte for a couple of days and my symptoms quickly go away.  Victory!  Who in the heck has time to struggle with a cold??
ChondroSamine Plus...the only thing I need to say about this one:  Do you have achy joints?  I don't....anymore!
HCI-Plus...I take one of these with each meal as a dietary supplement.  This one requires much more discussion, which I shall save for your reading pleasure some other day.  To quickly summarize in Connie terminology:

Contrary to what most folks believe, most of us do not have enough acid in our stomachs.  And why on earth do we need stomach acid, you ask?

1. Stomach acid protects against bacterial or fungal infections and helps keep the digestive system germ-free. Low stomach acid does not provide this protection and can lead to various infections in the gastrointestinal tract. 
2. Stomach acid helps break food down into easily digestible components. 
3. Stomach acid, also known as gastric acid, plays a key role in the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. It helps in the absorption of the important nutrients the body needs. 
4. Low stomach acid causes bloating and heartburn.
5. Stomach acid decreases as a person ages. Essential amino acids and vitamins such as B12 are poorly absorbed and metabolized in cases of low stomach acid.

Optimal EFA-s Caps ...Let me admit something, I find essential fatty acids to be confusing!  The easiest way for me to explain why I feel it is important to include this in my sup regimen...our bodies cannot synthesize (make) essential fatty acids; we must get EFA's from our food.  And because I have not always been a great eater, I feel it is important to get these EFA's in supplement form.
Why do we need essential fatty acids?  EFA’s are needed for healthy skin, hair and nails, for growth and development, for building brain cells, for the structure and function of cell membranes and they serve as precursors to hormones, for generating electrical currents that keep the heart rate regular and for helping to form red blood pigments and for clotting and flowing of our blood. 
Now that's some important stuff!  My hair,  my skin, my brain and good flowing blood... those are certainly things I/we need to be taking care of!
So there it is.  The supplement sandwich I choose to take each and every morning.  The crack to my busy day.  Yes, we should all strive harder to get all of these wonderful nutrients through the food we put into our mouths every day.  For me (and most of us out there), not every day allows us the time and opportunity to prepare those delectable nutrient dense foods that will provide the proper fuel our bodies need.  For those busy days, my sups are the next best thing.  
Your body is your castle.  Treat it as such!

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