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Celebration : Close-up of champagne explosion Butter Girl Goes Organic blog has finally had over 1000 views!!

It has been a slow, lonely climb for my Butter Girl blog. In contrast, my Marital Status: W blog has now had over 5,000 views...people reading my story all over the world. As it seems, Russia continues to be my most frequent readers on Marital Status: W. I wish I knew what that meant. Perhaps I have somehow connected with a group of people far away, but still connected for a reason I shall probably never know. How amazing and incredible is that?

I often ponder the contrast in readership between the two blogs. Could it be true that people are more drawn to my sad little story than they are to better health and nutrition? I hope not. I shall continue with my Butter Girl. That is where I belong now and I hope that others will eventually join me in my journey there.

I don't write as much on the Marital Status: W blog anymore...because most often, it makes me sad. I am still working through that First Year without my Rick. Granted; time does seem to lessen the pain, yet there are still those little moments that seem to sneak up on me and I find myself overwhelmed with the deep sadness of missing Rick. Perfectly normal, a counselor would say.

Recently, I was thinking to myself how well I have been coping and the next thought that came to my mind was..."Oh shit, Valentine's Day is just around the corner". Thoughts of our celebration last year came rolling back into my thoughts. Rick was not feeling well. I remember his oncology nurse sharing with me how sweet it was when she called that afternoon to check on Rick and I said..."Do you mind holding on for a moment...Rick is making reservations to take me out to dinner tonight". I treasure those precious memories of a man who was so full of cancer; yet the love that he held in his heart was stronger than any damn cancer cell could ever hope to be.
Even without frequent contribution to Marital Status: W; people are still reading our story. This warms my heart. People are still reading the beautiful story of me and my Rick; the story that I have poured out to the world through this keyboard. I hope that I am somehow able to touch the hearts of others and give them hope and whatever journey they might find themselves on.

I loved when Obama shared in his inaugural speech...'the journey continues'. How true that is for us all. We are all travelers on this journey called life. Some journeys more difficult than others. Some thankfully; pleasant, happy and rewarding. Whatever your journey; always be the best you can be. Be fair....and always be honest. And with that, you will never have any regrets.


  1. Congrats on the 1000 views! What an accomplishment :)

    Just remember your original blog had a head start compared to this one, so the numbers will always be a bit higher. I remember when I found out you had another blog, I had no idea and I was several posts behind.

    Let the journey continue, I'm excited to be a part of it ;)


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