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Maddie's Meals

Last weekend I headed to Detroit, Michigan to attend a Weston A. Price Conference to see how much more nutrition info I could pack into my brain.  As I have shared before, it is always great to be with like-minded people.  I am inspired when I attend these events and each time find myself feeling a little more confident in what I have already learned….meaning, I can actually follow what they are talking about!  The further I travel down this hallway of learning, I find there are more and more doors that need to opened…each door representing a new nugget of knowledge.  Believe me, sometimes this can be tiring and overwhelming; but most often, very exciting.
The Weston A. Price Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to “restoring nutrient-dense foods to the American diet through education, research and activism”.  It is an organization that is rapidly growing in numbers, as the general population becomes more and more educated about the de-generation of our food system over the years....all of which has led us to the poor health that we see all around us today.  As we are continually told...the time for change is now!  
While attending this conference, I took note of the diversity in those that surrounded me.  I was in the presence of physicians and nurses, nutritionist, business men and women, farmers...many people, both young and old.  The coolest part for me, was seeing the large number of young people who were attending.  Many of which, who had brought their young babies along with them.  It is inspiring to see this younger generation taking note of where we are presently with our food system and their desire to learn more.  They are the ones who need to be driven to make a change for their children and the generations ahead.  (Sorry, I'm sounding preachy again.)
Here's the fun part and how I can see this change happening in my own dear family.  Recently, I received a text from my niece who had a precious little baby earlier this year.
"Putting your cookbook to good use.  First round of Maddie food ready to go!  Organic apples and sweet potato puree!!  After the Butter Girl's post about the Dirty Dozen, this mama is going all organic!"
How awesome!  Naturally, as parents we are consumed with protecting our children.  Here is my beautiful niece learning to do that very thing...maybe because of some information that I have shared!  Or who knows...maybe she just said that to make me feel good...if that be the case, I'll take it.  Because at the end of the day, what really matters is that she is indeed taking that extra effort to make a difference in her sweet Madoline's life.  What a great start for a beautiful life.   
Watch for more posts about Maddie's Meals!


  1. Is there a big difference in making your own baby food and buying the organic pre-packaged baby food? (Besides cost)

    Oh, have you seen the mesh feeders they sell for babies? I love them!

    1. Hmmm....I'll have to take a look at the labeling Olivia. I would imagine the pre-packaged baby foods would have some sort of preservative in them to prolong shelf life?

      The beauty of preparing your own food, is that you will know exactly what is and isn't going in to the foods that you are giving to your little ones.

      A mesh feeder? Sorry...sounds like something that you would use to feed chickens? will have to explain that one to me. :D

    2. Very true. Guess I should look at the label, duh!

      And a mesh feeder, lol --->

      You can put a big chunk of avocado or banana or whatever for your little one without them choking. They can chew and suck on it themselves.


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