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Detox...Blogdom Style

I love this eCard. 
I know many were a little squeamish when I starting sharing my story...via the blogosphere over a year ago.    
In this area that I call home, it was simply impossible to find grief support that felt comfortable to me.  There was the small group of ladies who were much older than myself; who were still tearfully sharing their grief regarding their spouses...who had been gone for years.  And then there was the therapist who simply nodded her head and said that everything I was feeling was perfectly normal.  Really?  That's not very helpful!  Somehow I stumbled upon the concept of blogging and this is where I would often declare my mantra...Better out than in!
My nutrition studies this last week have been all about detoxification. Our bodies accumulate toxins from our polluted environment, lifestyle habits, faulty diet, medications, too little activity and STRESS.   
Much research...old and new,  has noted a direct correlation between stress and our health.  Even Ancient Chinese texts explain the negative effects of stress upon our health; citing that stress in the form of worry upsets the digestive system.  (I can't tell you how many times I have experienced this...when nervous, I don't know about you...but I have to poop!) Sorry...we talk a lot about pooping in nutrition.  It plays such a large role in our digestion and our health.  Face it, it is a part of life.  Everyone does it.  You must poop in order to is our body's way or ridding itself of toxins.  Ok, ok...we will talk more about pooping later.
Also noted in these ancient studies; stress in the form of fear disturbs kidney function, stress from anger and frustration injures the liver's ability to clean and circulate the blood, and stress from grief damages the lungs, causing susceptibility to respiratory infections.  So see!  Blogging has saved my life!
Maybe blogging isn't your answer.  There are a variety of activities to minimize the dangers of stress in your life:  Have more fun.  Express yourself.  Get good sleep.  Learn relaxation exercises.  Exercise!  Develop good relationships.  Experience love.  Change perceptions and attitudes.  Blog.  :D                 


  1. So does that mean coffee is good for us? :)

    I remember being a kid and my summer camp telling the kids the key to happiness at camp is "pooping"... because a lot of kids were embarrassed and would hold it in and end up at the nurse's station. Made for a lot of laughs, but it's true!

    I've been thinking a lot about your water and lemon... I would do it, if I was kid-free and could just read books and nap the whole time :) I think you would need a stress-free environment to complete such a detox.

    Ps. I had an amazing hour massage yesterday. However, it's been a single day and I feel like I need another! ;)

  2. It was only a matter of time before I mentioned the P


  3. You make the best P word cookies:)

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