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Austin pics

Picture tour of Whirlwind Weekend in Austin

Saturday night in Austin.  The city was alive!  I was lucky that a gal in the class
insisted that this time while in Austin, that I get out of my room and see the city. 
Thank you Cynthia for being a terrific travel guide!
 I can't help pics!
A highlight of the weekend; after all  of the testing was completed, a group of us went to brunch at The Driskell.  I love 'all things old', so I found the environment amazing.  Huge and majestic, full of character and pride.
Standing on the beautiful winding staircase at The Driskell.  Perhaps looking a little worn out...but happy nonetheless!  The Driskell is the oldest operating hotel in Austin, Texas.  Built in 1886, it's four stories occupies half a city block.  A cattleman, Jesse Driskell spent his fortune constructing the hotel.  The completed cost...$400,000!
This was a picture that a staff member took for me.  He said it was the ghost of Jesse Driskell that caused the picture to look like this...hmmm.  Notice above, no blur when I stepped aside...I guess he didn't like me blocking his view!
While we were enjoying our brunch, florists kept hauling in beautiful flowers
for wedding receptions later that evening....awesome. 
It is true...Texas is all about cowboys and their cattle.  On Saturday night we saw a cowboy holding onto his hat and galloping on his horse right through the center of town!  It all happened so fast, I didn't have time for a picture...darn!
I opened my bag at the hotel prior to leaving and the zipper completely busted!  Ugghh. 
I am thankful for the friendly hotel staff for pulling it all together for me. 
I guess this was a sign...the end of the journey! 


  1. You look great! I love the pictures, and the taped suitcase... hilarious! (laughing) Can't wait to catch up.

  2. Oh and I have a food question... krogers is always out of regular organic kale, but they have some other type of kale, is the nutrition the same basically? They look a bit different.

  3. I'll take a look next time I'm in there. My guess: kale is kale. And, any kale is better than no kale at all...have a kale of a good time with this reply. lol


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