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Bottling The Booch!


Today is the day!!  Yes I know, I don't have time to be doing this...but I had to I bottled my first batch of Kombucha!!  I have been impatiently waiting as this chemistry-sort-of experiment has taken place in my kitchen.  It has taken a little longer than I expected; but hey, I'm OK with that.  Some things just can't be rushed.  It's nice because Kombucha brewing doesn't require anything but time; unlike a sourdough starter  for example, that needs to be 'fed' everyday or so (kind of like children) lol. 
In my reading, it said the Booch could be ready in 7 days.  A lot of this process is per your individual preference.  The longer the Booch brews, the less sugar in the Kombucha.  (Remembering, the live culture feeds off of the sugar.)  Some might prefer a sweeter taste while others prefer the bold, tangy taste of Kombucha after a longer fermentation period. 
One thing that I did do, was to order a small heating mat to sit under my Booch (just to heat things up a little).  My kitchen apparently is a little on the cool side and I did notice an acceleration in the process once the Booch was all warm and cozy.

It has been a little over 2 weeks for this first brew, and hoping that my Zach will drink a little, I have chosen to bottle it before it tastes like a vinegar-y brew.  He has been funny and amused in my excitement about this whole Booch thing...laughing and calling me Momma Booch.  One of his friends was over last weekend and said, "Hey Con, that's the largest jar of jam on your kitchen counter I have ever seen"!  Hahaha.  We shined a light into it so they could all be grossed out by the floating SCOBY inside.  Science lab stuff!
I went to a local Weston A. Price meeting last night.  A young gal was there selling some of her bottled Kombucha.  I bounced up to her table in all of my excitement after the meeting and started rambling how cool I thought the whole Kombucha process was.  She stared at me in amazement, quite obviously not feeling the Booch enthusiasm that I was.  She quietly opened a fizzy bottle and said, "Here, you can have your first bottle for free"  Hahaha.   I think I scared the poor young thing. 
Her reaction reminded me of a comment that my dear sister-in-law shared with me years ago.  "Remember Con, not everyone is going to be as excited about something as you are".  I smiled this morning thinking of her as I bottled the booch...probably up in heaven looking down on me and thinking..."Dear lord, she's at it again". 



In case you forgot, I copied some of the awesome health benefits that this groovy Kombucha brew has to offer from a previous blog, entitled KOMBUCHA LESSON. 

Boosts Energy
Improves Digestion
Improves mental clarity 
Strengthens at a Cellular level
Prevents Acid Reflux
Assists With Weight Loss
Improves Sleep
Relieves Constipation
Strengthens and restores hair
Beautifies the skin
Improves Circulation
Removes toxicity from the body
Improves eyesight
Eases the pain of arthritis
Cures your hangover

Hell yea!  And you wonder why I am so excited?  This is just what I need for these last few days of studying!  Bring on the Booch and have a great day!


  1. Pass the booch!

    I love that Zach is calling you Mama Booch now (laughing), and yay to free drinks (from the girl you scared).

    And totally random- my avocado tree is over a foot tall now! With leaves, LEAVES! If you threw yours out I will forgive you, haha.

    :) Keep up the hard work, you're almost there!
    ps. Did you find my mini gift in your mailbox?

  2. I finally decided to give your blog a read since I started blogging. This stuff sounds interesting! Would be worth a try, for sure.


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