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If you were wondering why the (typically) chatty Butter Girl has been a little quiet lately, the reason is sitting above.  I have slipped into a study portal where my focus has been solely upon wrapping up my studies with the Nutrition Therapy Association. ...while at the same time, being available for my family and friends.  I will be heading to Austin at the end of this month and it will soon be show time for this girl! 
Rest assured, I will still be popping in to share some thoughts with you.  It is here that I find my respite from the towering books above.  (And those my friends, are not all of them...I was afraid if I added anymore, the pile would topple!)
I am still planning a lovely Mother's Day luncheon for my mother this weekend and I am looking forward to sharing more recipes with you to enjoy with your own mothers.  Even though we often find our schedules full, one still needs to take time to celebrate those that we love!
I will close with one last thought.  It is a quote that I have held dear to my heart for years.  I actually had it stenciled on a wall in my coffee shop...inspiration for me, as well as for those who passed through our doors.  I will tuck these words in my back pocket as I work through the next couple of weeks ahead. 
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
Eleanor Roosevelt



  1. Holy tower of nutrition books! That looks like a lot of reading. What book is your favorite? :) Or are they all starting to run together?

    You rock, I love that you are following your own path and your own dreams. A lot of people don't have that type of courage.

    Ps. Jack mentioned you today. I told him he was going to the babysitter's and that she was a friend of mine (can you tell I don't use a babysitter that often?) and he said, "Con?" I really liked her. Are we going to Con's house? So sweet :) He remembers all the attention and kindness you showed him.


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