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Monster Cookies from The Bean

The Green Bean Coffee and Tea Café

Yesterday was a rainy, quiet, lonely Sunday.  Hmmm...what does one get into on a day like that?  Well, that's an easy one for me...I headed to the kitchen. 
For weeks now, I have been wanting to make some cookies that I sold at my sweet coffee shop...The Green Bean Coffee and Tea Café.   Most have heard of and enjoyed them at one point or another in their lifes....Monster Cookies!  Typically they are large...the batter being scooped onto baking sheets with an ice cream dipper.  
In our Super-Size-Me society, I believe most people now expect cookies to be over-the-top huge.  Keep in mind that cookies that are three times their typical size, also contain three times the calories too.  Just for thought.
Eventually we started making the Monster cookies at the café smaller...because a few wise customers had requested a smaller version.  Now here's a mind game that we can play with ourselves...I won't eat the huge cookie; but instead will eat three small ones instead!  Sorry...that doesn't work either.  But oh well, we were there to make our customers happy.
When baking this recipe at home, I have always cut the ingredients in half. (1/2 recipe below)  My Zach and I certainly don't need a monster batch for just the two of us.  The cool part about this recipe is that it really does contain some good ingredients....and it is gluten-free; which was always a bonus for our gluten challenged customers at the café.  I also upgraded the recipe a bit yesterday, by using all organic ingredients (well, everything except the M&M's).
I sent a small bag of Mini Monsters with Zach this morning when he left for the pool.  I told him they would be a good start to his day..better than most granola bars that you would find at the store!
Monster Cookies from The Bean
Mix in order given:
3 organic eggs
1 cup organic brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. Himalayan sea salt
1 stick unsalted organic butter
3/4 jar organic crunchy peanut butter
4 1/2 cups organic oats
Optional add-in's:
3/4 cup carob chips
3/4 cup M&M's

You can choose what ever add-in's suit your fancy.  I typically 'dump and stir' until I feel like I have the right proportions.  Next time I think I might try adding flax seeds too.
Ready for the oven.
(Side note:  These little gems are full of good fiber.  A dear friend of mine used to call them Poo Poo Cookies.  I thought that was something that maybe you should know.  We can talk about the health benefits of good fiber some other time.  :D )





  1. I have been reading alot lately about Chia seeds. Not to be used on the Chia pet but to eat. Any thoughts? I would add them to your cookies

  2. Chia seeds would be a great addition! Chia seeds always make me think of terra-cotta Homer Simpson heads sprouting green

    Chia seeds are actually a total nutritional powerhouse. They have an extremely high concentration of omega-3 acids...even more than salmon! One serving size includes 18 percent of recommended daily calcium and four grams of protein, and they are a great source of fiber and potassium and they’re low in cholesterol and sodium.

    Chia seeds can be eaten raw and they’re also a great addition to drinks and foods. Some people use them as an egg replacer in baked goods and other dishes, especially those who have a vegan diet. If you soak them in water, they form a gel, which can then be used in baking. Actually if you soaked the chia seeds, you could use the gel as a substitute for half of the butter called for in this recipe. Cha cha chia....great idea!


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