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For those of you who have been reading my words over this last year; you know on occasion I like to share my blog stats.  By blog stats, I mean how many readers have actually been visiting my blog and also where they are from.  I find these stats simply fascinating.  Fascinating that people in countries all over the world have read my words.  In no other forum, could I ever dream to reach so many people.  As previously stats are addicting! 
When I first started writing, I would check the stats almost hourly.  I was simply amazed, flattered (and a little freaked out) that people were reading what I was sharing.  My very first blog post was on June 9, 2012.  I can still remember my feelings as I created my Marital Status: W web page, wrote my first post and nervously pushed the Publish button.  And here I still am.  Perhaps driving some crazy with my endless writing; but as I have always touted...better out than in! 

To date, Marital Status: W is still leading with reader stats; even though statistically I have contributed more posts to Butter Girl.  Interesting too, is that sharing my story for Marital Status: W was effortless.  The words seemed to simply pour out onto this keyboard.  In contrast, many contributions to Butter Girl require research, recipe development, thought and time.

Even during those quiet times when I have been busy and perhaps not writing as much...people are still reading.  Even more amazing, is the fact that I haven't contributed to Marital Status: W since March of this year and people are still reading.  It is a story that was bravely shared and much to my hearts delight; people are still clicking on my web address to read.  In some silly sort of way, it is my way to memorialize a brave man who wanted nothing more than to be here with us.  Maybe some day I will fulfill the dream of making it into a book...never doubt the possibility, because I'm that silly girl who thinks that anything is possible!

I'm OK with Marital Status: W always being on top of the reader polls.  Honestly, I hope my Butter Girl never surpasses what I call...the mother blog; where I began.   This competition isn't about winning.  It is simply about sharing what is in my heart and the hope that others will enjoy and benefit from what I am sharing.
Here is the cool part.  12,000 readers in 28 different countries have clicked on my website and read my thoughts; readers from places that I will never physically visit...but to have the honor of visiting through my writing, is well...more than I could ever have imagined.  Here is the list, which continues to grow daily:
United States 
South Korea
United Kingdom


  1. Stats are so interesting.

    And when you write a book I call first dibs :)

    I love reading your posts, every one! Sorry I haven't been around much I read most of your articles in the River Current before here :)

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