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Reaping the Benefits of a Local Farmer's Market

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to visit a local Famer's Market in southern Ohio.  I was wooo'ed by all of the vender's standing proudly behind their displays of fresh organic fruits and veggies, homemade breads and pastries, pure maple syrup, farm fresh eggs, flowers, plants, organic coffees...oh my!   My eyes were probably twinkling like a kid in a candy shop.  
I excitedly said to my friend, "Look at all of this wonderful stuff!" which the response was; "Oh right, these are your people".  (LOL...spoken as if we were from another planet.)   Yes, they are my people.  These are the people that I want to be associated with and know.   These are the people that wise ones seek.  The people who take time, love and energy to grow such healthy and delicious products, load them all up and bring them out to the streets on a warm Saturday morning to share with us who recognize and appreciate the awesome-ness and dedication of  their work.
After carefully perusing my options, I loaded up with a couple of bags and soon headed home.  Today I am reaping the benefits of the goodies that I found.  I have had fresh green beans, potatoes and bacon simmering on the stove since early this morning.  The smells that are wafting through my kitchen take me back to days spent in my grandmother's kitchen.  It was not uncommon to smell veggies simmering on the back of her stove on any given summer's day...veggies she had picked from their garden in the early hours of the morning.

This morning Zach and I enjoyed a bowl of Greek yogurt with fresh juicy Georgia peaches that were also purchased yesterday, along with beautiful little wild red raspberries...and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Simple. Fresh. Delicious.  (I have always loved Georgia peaches; always, always so large and juicy.  But first, if you are reeeelly going to enjoy a Georgia peach, you need to say Georgia with a sweet southern accent like this...Joorja peaches.)
A bubbly Joorja peach pie just came out of of the oven...this girl has been busy kicking it out in the kitchen this morn!  All because of maybe 30 wonderful minutes spent at a local farmer's market.  For me and possibly you, it is a much easier option than planting and growing such an awesome array of produce.  Next Saturday morning, get out and support your local farmer's market...I'll see you there! 



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